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Flexible technology for the management of insurance companies

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Actualidad SISnet 13.9 version

September 2023

Evolution of reserve processing in claims assignments. This functionality has changed in form and substance in order to allow more versatility. Through a new system of rules and its association to a new base table, it will allow the generation of reservations by type of order, reservation concept and amount. It could operate both at company level and by line of business. More information in the document Colaboradores y encargos de siniestro.

Expansion of export and import tools. In order to facilitate the use of the system by users, new tools have been incorporated for exporting and importing insurance texts, article templates and reinsurance texts. All this from CSV files.

Taxation for Life - Form 189. Tax Form 189 of the Securities, Insurance and Income Information Statement has been implemented for life savings products.

Actualidad SISnet 13.8 version

August 2023

New factories in SISnet Store. We keep completing the SISnet Store capabilities, this time including the business object action factories and API resource factories.

What's new in the Line of Business wizard. As part of the improvements in the registration and maintenance of insurance products, a new registration option has been added for commercial products within the management of business lines, to facilitate their definition.

Management tab added in the claims view. The Management tab already existing in other objects within the application, such as policies or invoices, has been extended to claims to complete the functionality of the application.


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